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If you have no time or you can’t install the MagicLinkManager software yourself to your server or you have no server or hosting to make use of for running the software, you may take advantage of our services:

1. Installation: the software installation on your server (hosting). Your supply: your hosting control panel access data, MySQL access data (after thesoftware installed change the authorization data for the security purposes).
Price: 14.95 USD. Order now >>>

2. Hosting: hosting providing, software installation on the server (specialserver for our clients) that is set to work with the software the best way (with popen). All you need is to set your domain for the server NS. Hosting specifications:

  • MySQL 4.1.12
  • PHP 5.2.1
  • Popen
  • 300 Mb disk memory available
  • all other settings are specified for every client.

Rent expenditure 134.95 USD per year: 115 USD rent + dedicated IP 19.95 USD. Order now >>>

3. Move: if for any reason you decide to move your MagicLinkManager software copy to another server (hosting) or change its location URL you should order the moving service otherwise your software copy will be nonserviceable.
It's free service. Just contact us.

4. Advertisment: you have an unique possibility to purchase an advertisements pace in MagicLinkManager at the installed software main page. The advertisement will be shown to all the software demo version users without exception. Advertisement formats and prices available are:

To get the additional information please contact the site support.

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