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Edition 1.04.18 (April 2007):


Edition 1.04.23 (April 2007):

The program section “Partners” is added. To make the work with contact information in the sections “Projects” and “Links” more comfortable, it’s enough to create partners and select them as a new project or link appears. For example, if you purchase a lot of links from the same person it’s much easier to add the partner once, just select his nickname from the dropdown list and click “Add”.
In the “Projects” section you can now look through the stats parameters of the project’s URLs, and a new option to add the “budget” and “promoted phrases” information to each project has appeared. You can view the committed budget for the project (links purchase) and the already spent amount right in the “Projects” section any time.

Edition 1.06.11 (June 2007):

A range of search services for English speaking users  has been added: Google, MSN and Yahoo indexed pages number; Google, MSN, Yahoo linked sites number. The parameter for the Russian speaking users “indexation of the page by Yandex” has also appeared. The program “settings” interface is completed. In settings/projects the services you don’t use can be disabled now; the parameter sort by value has appeared (“Projects” section). The letters templates’ themes have been edited. Now the users can disable the system messages as well as replace the zero values by any other symbols, e.g. “-”. Fonts and icons are scaled down by 25% without losing their attractiveness which helped to place a bigger number of search services on the screen. When a cursor is at the link line, the whole line is coloured bluish, this permits (with a considerable number of search services) to associate parameter with the correct link. This made it much easier to operate the software. Other less considerable improvements have also been implemented.

Edition 1.09.05 (September 2007):

Errors occurring while determining the parameters “Link indexation (Yandex)”, “Linking pages number (Yandex)”, “WebAlta Rank (WR)” are corrected.
Link indexation (Yandex) is realized through the same request as for the links exchange Sape.ru.
Linking pages number (Yandex) – the data authenticity is 90-100% (if compared to the last request while using the link operator that Yandex has recently disabled). Compare this with Semonitor, which uses a request providing only 50% reliability. We use another request, more “right”.
Now placing a cursor at a changed number (red or green), you can see the exact value of its increase or decrease.

Edition 1.09.24 (September 2007):

A couple of days ago Yandex changed the distribution encryption, thus making two search services of MagicLinkManager software unavailable. These are “Indexed pages number (Yandex)” and “Linking sites number (Yandex)”. We have introduced the new edition of MagicLinkManager 1.09.24 where the abovementioned services operate steadily as before.

Edition 1.10.01 (October 2007):

Now when a link is added the default meaning for “link end date” is “Unlimited” to increase the speed of link addition. From now on if the number of partners/projects/links on the page excedes the usual, the count continues (№) on the next page and doesn’t start from the beginning. The page move after link editing bug was rectified (earlier it moved back to link editing). The speed of search parameters check decreased for Alexa Traffic Rank, WebAlta Rank. Error of WebAlta Rank identification for some sites was corrected.

Edition 1.10.14 (October 2007):

Errors in displaying of “Links to prolong” and “Timed out links” in “Projects” section were corrected. After the link is edited at the 2-nd page and more you move to the same page and not to the first one as it used to be earlier. Error of the move back to the link adding instead of the move to the page when the link is added to the 2-nd page or more is corrected. The parameters “Indexed pages by Yahoo” and “Linking sites by Yahoo” are reopened for monitoring. Error of impossibility to enter URLs containing capital letters is corrected.

Edition 1.11.02 (November 2007):

Error of MSN search parameters monitoring appearing in some cases was corrected. The automatic deleting of the final slash in URL was canceled as for some links that was a critical error. Error of partners’ numeration on several pages of “Partners” section was corrected. Module import/export is under construction. We hope to introduce this option in the next edition of MagicLinkManager to make our users happier.
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