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The software automatically checks the links availability for the search engines indexation (notably the links are checked for the noindex tag, the link's location between tags, attribute nofollow at the page as well as in robots.txt - Disallow, the link's presence in comments or in Java script). If the link isdisabled for indexation or it wasn't found during the last automatic check on your partner site, you and your partner (optional) will be notified about the violation of the link installation rules and in the software the URL will be coloured red. If during the last automatic check the domain was unavailable the whole link line will be coloured dark-grey and you and your partner will be notified by e-mail (optional).

The software module "Links" allows the use of a filter for data selection as well as ascendant or descendant sort by value. For the correct links filtration by yes/no values you need two variables "1" (yes) and "0" (no). To filter by content "link type" make use of the following variables: 0 - main pages, 1 - end-to-end links, 2 - internal links.

To send the link html code to your partner in a letter with the letter sending form in the "Links", "Projects" and "Partners" sections, you need to tag the link's html code in [code][/code]. In this case the html code will come to the e-mail of your partner as a text and not as a hyperlink.

The software "Partners" section performs the function of the contact information manager for the "Projects" and "Links". When adding several links of the only seller you don't need to enter his contact information each time the link is added, you just choose the partner's nickname from the dropdown list "Partner".

The fields "promoted phrases" and "budget" (the "Projects" section) are meant to enter the filing information connected with the links purchase. As a rulewhen promoting the client's site, you confirm with him the promoted phrases and commit a certain budget to purchase links. The software ensures the view of the committed budget and the already spent amount for each promoted project in the"Projects" section which is very comfortable. If you are not purchasing the links (you are just selling and exchanging them) when adding the project, you don't fill in these fields ("promoted phrases" and "budget").

The "site availability" parameter is calculated as the quantity of links presence and their installation truth checks to the fact of site availability at the check moment (100% divided per number of checks and multiplied by the number of site availability while checking the links presence and installation truth. The checks are performed several times a day independently from the settings). For example, if there were 4 checks and the site was unavailable during one check the link availability percentage is 75.

"URL" parameter is the URL of the partner site where your link is located. In the links table URL is represented short by default. To expand and view the complete links URLs you have to click URL icon at the top of the page.

"Anchor" parameter is the link text between tags, i.e anchor is the visible link text.

"Cost" parameter means the price of the link per a certain period of time (e.g. per month).

"Date end (untill)" parameter is the date when the link location at the partner site will expire. This parameter can be set as "Unlimited" or "Inactive" (deactivate the link, i.e. it's presence and installation truth will not be checked).

"Days remined" parameter shows the number of days left before the end date of the installed link. In the software setting you can determine how many days before the end date the notice about the link prolongation will be sent ("Reminder (days)").

"Amount outbound links" parameter shows the number of outgoing links from the page, enabled for the search engines indexation (all the known ways of link and/or page containing the link indexation disable are taken into account).

"Link type" parameter means the link type (main page link, internal page link,end-to-end link present at all the pages of the site).

"Reciprocal URL" parameter means the URL of the back location of the link at your site. The back link can be located not obligatory at the promoted site. If this is the exchange you can perform the cross change and locate the partner's link at any other site. The "Reciprocal URL" parameter exists only for your filing purposes and doesn't affect the software functionality. In the links table URL is represented short by default. To expand and view the complete partners' links located at your sites URLs you have to click URL location icon at the topof the page.

"Link code" parameter has to be filled in "as is". You can't enter here the mere URL. To enter the "link code" you need to find the link code in the HTML code of the page containing the link. This logic lets you replace the manual link presence and its installation truth check by a totally automatic one (moreover several times per day).

"E-mail" parameter. In the "Links" section in order to send a letter to your partner you have to click the "Send Email" link. In any case the letter will be sent from the e-mail indicated in the program settings (indicate your e-mail in the program settings beforehand).

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