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I. Payment and software purchase

1. What is a license? Is it necessary to download the complete package or is it possible to activate the demo version?

When the software is paid we will activate your software copy. Once the demo version is activated, you don't need to download any additional files. Moreover, the entered data is inaccessible for us thus guaranteeing the security and privacy of your information.

2. How soon I will receive the license after the payment?

Within 24 hours.

3. We are ready to purchase the software, please issue an invoice for us.

Send a request to our financial department indicating the chosen payment way.

4. How long does a license for your software last? Do I have to renew it every year?

You don't have to renew the license. Once the software is paid you can use it without any time limit.

5. What about new software editions, do I have to buy them?

No, you don't. All the new editions are absolutely free.

6. What the license is given for?

For the domain.

7. What will happen if the domain the license is given for is changed? Shall I lose the license and have to pay for the software again?

You will not lose your license but you will have to order the "Move" service that is free of charge.

8. I bought MagicLinkManager Light but I want to switch to Professional. Is it possible and how much I will have to pay?

When purchasing a Light or Professional package you may switch to the next package for a price constituting the total chosen package price together with the already paid amount (switch Light -> Professional = 10 USD, Light -> Expert = 15 USD, Professional -> Expert = 5 USD).

9. Not a single proposed payment way suits me. What should I do?

Contact our financial department. We will help you find the most available and accessible way.

II. New software editions installation

1. I have found out that a new edition is available. How can I get it?

Go to the "Download" section and download the new edition. To install the software please contact our technical department. We will consult you.

2. Do I have to delete the previous edition before installing the new one? Will I lose the data once the new edition installed?

Yes, delete all the program files before installing the new edition from the server. Your data will be safe as it is completely stored in your MySQL database. When installing the new edition just indicate the old data MySQL.

3. Do I have to contact you for activation once the new edition installed?

No. Your license stays valid.

4. What is going to happen if the search engine will change its design or its request for the search parameters identification? The software won't be able to use it anymore?

We will introduce the new software edition where everything will be working steadily.

III. Technical operation aspects

1. I've installed the software. When authorized the "ban" image appears. What is possibly wrong?

Possible reasons:
a) You have installed the software on the local server which is prohibited. The software can be installed at the real hosting only. The security and copyright policies anticipate this.
b) The trial period of the software (14 days of full-featured operation) is over. You need to purchase the software for the further use. All the data you entered to the program will be saved after purchase of the software.
c) Another user is trying to enter your software copy. The security policy anticipates the simultaneous use of the software by one user.
d) You were trying to move the installed distributive to another server or change the URL location (domain) of the preinstalled distributive of the MagicLinkManager software yourself. If this is the case you need to order the Move service (all the data will stay safe).

2. After the software is installed an error is announced: Fatal error: Unable to read 12383 bytes in /home/login/public_html/.../magiclinkmanager/index.php on line 0

While uploading the distributive files to the server the index.php file was damaged. Try to change the files upload mode (binary/text/automatic). If this doesn't work close the software for FTP upload, launch it and try again.

3. After the software is installed an error is announced: Warning: fopen(/home/login/public_html/.../magiclinkmanager/config_add.php) [function.fopen]: failed to open stream: Permission denied in /home/login/public_html/.../magiclinkmanager/index.php on line 395

You forgot to set the recording rights for the root folder with your installed software (777 or 0777, depending on your hosting).

4. When creating Cron a message came to my e-mail Permission denied from Cron Daemon.

You have indicated the wrong PHP path. Contact you hoster to define more exactly the PHP path.

5. When identifying some parameters an error message appears.

More likely an error occurs because some search engine services are unavailable or the request is timed out. Often problems may occur with Alexa Traffic Rank identification or when checking the site presence in Dmoz catalogue. If this is the case you should disable for a certain time those services of your software that cause identification problems. You can check which services don't run properly either in "Projects" module by clicking the "Check" button or manually trying to go to the official sites providing the services.

6. I'm afraid that because of frequent search engines parameters check my domain can be banned. Is this possible?

If you set a correct check rhythm in Cron this is not going to happen. The software has its own time-out between each link check and its own internal threads. It is limited in the number of links to be checked per day.

7. How often does the software check the links presence and their installation truth if I set the parameters check rhythm 5 days?

Independently from the search engines parameters check rhythm the software controls the links presence and their installation truth (meta, robots, noindex, rel="nofollow", the link's presence in-between) as well as sends letters several times a day.

8. Can I use the hosting you are providing not only for the software but for my sites as well? What hosting tariffs there exist?

Yes, you can make use of the hosting we are providing for your sites as well. For $135 you get 300 Mb disk memory, MySQL 4.1.12, PHP 5.2.1 and Popen. All the other system features are to be specified by the client depending on the hosting use needs.

9. What does URL highlighted red mean?

If the link is disabled for indexation or it wasn't found at the partner site during the last automatic check, you and your partner will be informed about the link installation rules violation and within the software the URL will be highlighted red.

10. Why is the link's code saved in inquiry characters and the anchor function doesn't work?

This is the problem of the wrong MySQL database tables coding. Go to PHP MyAdmin of your hosting account and change the tables coding (notably links) using the "Compare" function. You are more likely to switch to Windows-1215 or UTF-8 coding (varies for different hostings).

11. How can I know that the program has identified the link's presence and that it's disabled for indexation? How do I launch the check process?

The software automatically checks in the Cron set rhythm the links presence and their indexation disable. The search engines parameters are checked according to the cycle you set in the program settings. If you don't receive any Cron related error messages everything runs properly. To launch the check process manually for each link you can click "Edit", flag "Check the search engines parameters" and press "Save".

12. How many people can run the software simultaneously?

1 person only.

13. I want to perform the tri-party exchange. My sites are A and C. The partner site is B. The A site links to the B site and B contains a link to the internal page of C site. Is it possible to file such operations in your software?

Yes, of course.
Your steps:
1) Create a project (the site to be promoted by the links exchange with the other sites);
2) Move to the "Links exchange" module of this project;
3) Add the link data;
a) URL is the URL where your link is located;
b) Reciprocal URL is the URL where the link for the site you are exchanging with is located (this can be any of your sites not only the promoted one);
c) Link code is the link HTML code "as is";
4) Termination date set as "Unlimited";
5) Choose the link type;
6) Choose a partner;
7) Press "Save".

During the software operation we receive questions from our users. We will try to answer the most frequent questions in this section. You can send your question to our support team.
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