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General settings

1. Login and password change. At any time you can change your authorization data.

2. Cron Job. You need to copy this line and insert it in your hosting control panel in Cron section as a request for the scheduled task. You have to set the rhythm of Cron turning every 10 minutes. Different hosting panels do it in different ways. Ask your hosting provider how to set up an every 10 minutes turning cycle.

The formula to calculate the minimum data renew cycling (days) is as following: the total number of links (purchase, selling, exchange) / 720. Approximate the result to the bigger whole number. Example: total links number 5000 / 720 = 6.94 (approximate to 7). In the program general settings "Data renew every (days)" enter 7, then press "Save".

3. Page-by-page display. You can set the number of links / projects displayed per page in the program.

4. Other settings.

E-mail - software administrator e-mail (replace it by your e-mail).

Path to PHP. You need to ask your hosting provider about the path to PHP of your site. Without the correct path to the PHP the software wouldn't be able to check the search engines parameters if it's running in the popen mode. The software also won't be able  to find the exact path to cron job if the wrong path to PHP is indicated.

Data check every (days) is the links and projects data cycle.

Reminder means sending letters reminding the indicated number of days before the link's time expire.

Popen mode. This means the POPEN switched on. The operation speed as compared to the "standard" mode increases. To work with POPEN you need to lease out a server which is usually costly or you need to choose a hosting tariff that would demand a lot of disk memory available and other functions enough for a fully-featured web-portal. As a result you need to spend a lot of money for a tariff including POPEN function but actually you will get the whole range of useless features and in most cases you won't be able to make up your mind how to deal with them. The main thing you need to run your software is the possibility to use POPEN feature. We are ready to provide you with a hosting for this purpose, giving your software copy enough space on a dedicated server.
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Program language is the choice of the program interface language.

Links modules settings

1. On/Off means the switch on/off the services of the current module while checking and displaying the parameters in the "Links" section.

2. Parameter defines the parameters conventions.

3. Main / Additional. In the "Links" section there is a division the links' parameters  to main, which you can see while moving to this section, and additional, that you can view in the "Additional information" tab. This is designed to see the current project links' properties clearly.

4. Current module parameters' display sequence. While dragging the parameters with your mouse you can manage the sequence for the sections "Links" and/or "Projects" visual display.

Letter templates

You can edit the letters' templates, switch on and off the letters sending to the webmaster and to you as the software owner. Each letter template can be set to meet your individual needs with the help of HTML coding.

The reasons for sending letters:

  • The site isn't indexed by Yandex
  • The site is again indexed by Yandex
  • The partner's site is unavailable
  • The link payment period is over
  • The absence of the paid link
  • Reminding of the link prolongation
  • The absence of the back link
In the beginning of every template the list of available macros that can be used in the text of the letter is given (the list isn't necessary in the template).

Decoding of the letters templates macros:

[nick]$nick[/nick] - Webmaster's name (the link partner);
[url]$url[/url] - Webmaster's URL (the link partner);
[project]$project[/project] - Project's URL;
[payinfo]$payinfo[/payinfo] - Project's pay information;
[payinfolink]$payinfolink[/payinfolink] - Link's pay information;
[myname]$myname[/myname] - Project's partner name;
[myemail]$myemail[/myemail] - E-mail indicated in the program settings;
[email]$email[/email] - Webmaster's E-mail;
[date_end]$date_end[/date_end] - Link end date;
[days]$days[/days] - Number of days left before the end date;
[cost]$cost[/cost] - Link price;
[code][link]$link[/link][/code] - Link HTML coding.
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