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MagicLinkManager software can operate in two modes:

1. Standard. Applied mostly at all hostings. The POPEN mode is switched off. In this mode the software runs more slowly than in the POPEN mode which becomes important if you are administrating dozens of projects and the monitoring time is really critical for you.

2. POPEN. The POPEN mode is switched on. The operation speed increases, as compared to the “standard” mode. To work with POPEN you need to lease out a server which is usually costly or you need to choose a hosting tariff that would demand a lot of disk memory available and other functions enough for a fully-featured web-portal. As a result you need to spend a lot of money for a tariff including POPEN function, but actually you will get the whole range of useless features and in most cases you won’t be able to make up your mind how to deal with them. The main thing you need to run your software is the possibility to use POPEN feature. We are ready to provide you with a hosting for this purpose, giving your software copy enough space on a dedicated server.
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To start using the software you need to create at least one partner and one project. Having chosen a project you will be able to add links to the software modules (links purchase, links selling, links exchange). To check the parameters of a site before adding a link to it, you can push the “Check” button while creating a project.

At any time you can edit the links data and renew the search engines and service parameters, aside from the fact that the software is launched with the given rhythm in Cron, checks the search engines parameters, controls the presence and indexation of the links, records the data and automatically sends the letters to you and to your partners. In order to edit push the “Edit” button (next to the link or project name) and flag “Renew search engines data”, then press “Save”.

Independently from the set rhythm of parameters check the software controls the links’ presence and their installation truth several times a day (meta, robots, noindex, rel = “nofollow”, the link’s presence in-between, the link’s location in the comments line), as well as sends templated letters (don’t forget to set their text in settings -> letters templates).

Our programming group is working on the software improvement. The module for filing and monitoring of articles purchase / selling / exchange is similar to the “links module”. The Windows application MagicLinkManager is designed to increase the software operation comfort. Another important feature for most webmasters is the possibility of links and projects import from the Excel files, for many people still use this software for links filing as there is no real alternative. In the next software editions we are going to introduce the “import” and “export ” module for MagicLinkManager, as well as a solution for creating the multifunction and detailed reports exportable to various formats. We tried to integrate in the same software all the services the average Russian and English speaking optimizer usually makes use of while managing the links, and we are not going to stop. As the new editions of the software will appear, new services will be added. We are eager to receive feedback from our users. Please post your messages at the forum or send them to the support team.
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