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Attention! The software doesn't work at the local server. Please install it at the real hosting only.
The trial is 14 days of a full function software operation after the first authorization done.
After the license purchase all the data entered whithin the trial period is saved, and the operation continues without time limit. The updates are free.

Download MagicLinkManager (319 kb)
Mirror: Download from depositfiles.com

If by any reasons you can't install the software please use our services.

To update your program edition please find out more, contacting our technical department.
If you are updating the previous edition just re-download all the program files and re-install it entering the old MySQL data (all the information entered before will be saved).

System requirements

PHP v.4.3 and higher with the disabled Safe_mode
MySQL v.4.12 and higher
Availability of Zend Optimizer
Cron (scheduled tasks)

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