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MagicLinkManager advantages vs. the analogues…

  • If compared to the analogue software MagicLinkManager has all the search services (according to the experienced optimizers) necessary for audit and monitoring of the links for both Russian and English speaking users.
  • The software distribution kit is located at your hosting. This lets you economize your web traffic especially considering the fact that the software checks more than 1000 links. This also permits the scheduled automatic program launch (Cron). As a result the program automatically checks the search engines parameters and verifies the links installation as well as sends the e-mail notifications.
  • Data storage. All the information is kept in your MySQL data base that can only be accessed by you. The MagicLinkManager software designers have no access to your data! You can create a backup copy of your data base at any time at PHP MyAdmin of your hosting account. The up-coming editions will permit the backup and base rebuilding by the software.
  • The software checks the search engines parameters automatically in a way you decide, but nevertheless it verifies the links installation several times a day. This enables to spare you from checking the partner sites links replacing the manual check by an automatic one by MagicLinkManager.
  • The links indexation check: the indexation of the link and the page is being checked by the Yandex search system.
  • The indexation permit check: the software controls the presence of the link in the tags, the availability of URL attribute rel=“nofollow”, whether the link appears in the page body, whether the page is disabled for indexation in meta (head) or robots.txt (Disallow) and whether the link appears in comment line. If the rules of links installation are violated the e-mail notifications and warnings are sent.
  • Server availability. With the help of the software you can check the percentage of the availability of the site containing the link. It is calculated by the following formula: 100% is divided by the checks number and multiplied by the number of server availability during the verification of links installation and presence. And as mentioned above, such checks are made several times a day independently from the set rhythm of search engines parameters control.
  • The software has an intuitive and agreeable interface and is really comfortable to work with. It was elaborated by and for the optimizers considering the opinion of SEO experts.
  • The software runs really fast. The practice has proved that the program runs about 15 times faster than the analogue Windows applications. It also has two operation modes (with and without popen).
  • The software can be set for any configuration with any sequence which makes it very customizable. You can change the icons’ location and by consequence the program field as you like. You can enable only the services you need to decrease your server load. Please note that the actual load is really low. The software isn’t very demanding for the resources of your server, is easy to handle, fast, efficient and easily set.
  • The search engines’ ban of the IP or domain with the MagicLinkManager software installed, is impossible. The logic is as follows: there is a certain quantity of sites to check in a thread that are controlled at once, and there is a certain time-out between the site check and threads. If the data check period formula is followed as described in the software tutorial, the search engines’ ban is impossible.
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