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MagicLinkManager software is an automatic link manager for comfortable and force-saving filing and monitoring of the purchasable / sellable / exchangeable links for any quantity of sites, without considering their language. The software is aimed to make the webmasters' life easier while observing their sites link mass increase to get the higher positions in the search results of the biggest and most famous search engines.

It's commonly known that the more external links the site has, the higher is its rating and its selling level. While the site is being promoted it's really difficult to file the external links, to monitor them and to take timely measures for the promoter, especially if several projects are being driven and the countable links number outreaches 500. The difficulty consists not only in parameters and external links availability at partner sites check but in indexation level control as well as server availability for search engines which is a rather important point in site promotion. The e-mail notifications of the partners if the rules of links installation are being violated as well as follow-up control if the links are timed out etc. are also necessary. The number of human factors makes the link filing a rather labour-consumable process especially for big companies that are promoting their clients' sites.

MagicLinkManager will become your essential partner in solving these and many other problems. As the program is installed at the client server, a certain cycling can be set to monitor the links without human intervention. The software automatically checks the search engines parameters, controls the time of the installed links and reminds you and your partners if they are timed out. All the data is being copied to your MySQL data base and only you have the access to it. The target group of the software users is the Russian and/or English speaking optimizer and/or webmaster.

The demo version runs for 14 days and ensures the full function of the software. After the trial period is complete, all the entered data is saved. As the software is purchased, you can go on using it. All the program updates are free.

We're witnessing the end of Excel age and the beginning of MagicLinkManager age. Nowadays you don't need to file and monitor your sites' links in different programs that are not designed for it. The solution is here and you have it right at hand. Download it and see for yourself.





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